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The Samsung Galaxy S is a true powerhouse of a phone, featuring a high-speed 1GHz processor with 3D acceleration that lets the Galaxy S play 3D games that rival the Xbox and the latest Bluetooth 3.0 which lets you send huge files in seconds. Factor in the beautiful 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display and you've got an Android phone that truly does give other manufacturers nightmares.

Powered by the Android 2.1 (Éclair) operating system and Samsung's own TouchWiz user interface, users can customise the Galaxy S to their hearts content with downloadable apps from the Android Market and add interactive shortcuts to one of the multiple home screens.

The powerful 1GHz processor ensures that the phone can multi-task effortlessly, allowing users to make the most of the 5 mega-pixel camera capable of recording in 720p HD video!

The Samsung Galaxy S is without question one of the most sleek, powerful and sought after Android phones currently available in the UK.

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A Guide to The Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Samsung Galaxy S Guide

The Samsung Galaxy S is arguably the best Android phone currently on the market.

Running the very latest version of the Android operating system (Android 2.1 Eclair), this sleek looking 3G Smartphone features a plethora of world-beating features including a 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display, HD video recording and playback functionality, a superfast 1GHz processor, and much more.

The Galaxy S i9000 also includes 3G/HSPA connectivity alongside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and aGPS, plus a TV-out and USB support. You get either 8GB or 16GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD cards of up to 32GB each.

The Samsung Galaxy S i900's impressive multimedia player includes FM radio, along with top notch video capabilities offering users the ability to record in 1280x720 HD at 30fps. The 5 mega-pixel camera includes autofocus and image stabilisation but no flash.

Right now, Android phones are some of the most sought after and trendy phones around, and with the huge selection of apps available it's easy to see why.

Just like with other android mobiles, Samsung Galaxy S owners will be able to browse and choose from tens of thousands of free and paid apps to download from the Android Market. With everything from fun games to useful business apps, there's plenty of software to choose from.

Along with the Android Market access, Galaxy S buyers will also find a number of special Google applications built-in directly to the handset. Inlcuding the popular Facebook app which makes social networking on the move a breeze, and the YouTube app, so you'll be able to access all the great videos or share your own on the web!

Other pre-installed apps on the Galaxy S include the Layar Reality Browser (an augmented reality application that overlays digital content about your surroundings as viewed through the phone's camera), a document editor, the Aldiko e-book reader, and the new Social Hub app which has been designed from scratch to integrate all major email providers, instant messaging services, and popular social networking services such as Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

On the Samsung Galaxy S, Android's powerful and intuitive operating system is overlayed with Samsung's own interface software, the TouchWiz 3.0 interface. Similar to the HTC Sense user interface, TouchWiz gives users the ability to customise a wide range of visual display options with plenty of widgets and icons to play around with. If however you prefer your Android phones without the various user interfaces, the TouchWiz software can be disabled.

In terms of connectivity the Galaxy S ticks all the boxes, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, a 3.5mm audio jack, DLNA support and TV-Out included. DLNA enables owners to wirelessly connect and share videos, photos and music between your handset, TV or PC. Wireless Tethering software also enables the phone to be used as broadband modem for your laptop or other device - a very handy tool for regular travellers or business users. The 3G connection on the galaxy S supports download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and uploads of 5.76 Mbps using HSPA.

As you'd expect from an Android phone, surfing the web is a very simple and delightful experience on the Galaxy S. Thanks to the Chrome-lite mobile web browser, the huge 4-inch crystal clear capacitive display and fast access via HSPA, surfing the web on the Galaxy S truly is a delight.

As with any high-end smartphone, battery life is a very important factor. You'll be pleased to learn thought that the Galaxy S offers users a greater battery life over similar Android handsets like the HTC Desire. Not only does the Galaxy S have a larger 1500 mAh battery, but its Super AMOLED screen is considerably more energy efficinet that a conventional display. Overall this equates to the Galaxy S having a quoted talktime double that of the HTC Desire!

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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Key Features:

  • Sleek Design Smartphone
  • 8 or 16 Gbytes Memory Plus Memory Card Support Up To 32GB
  • Android OS Version 2.1Operating System
  • WLAN Wi-Fi Technology
  • 4 Inch 16 Million Colour Super AMOLED Touch Screen
  • 5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus & LED Flash
  • Music Player with Music Storage
  • GPS with A GPS with Google Maps
  • 3G HSDPA & HSUPA Technology
  • Google Internet Search with YouTube Compatibility
  • Email & Gmail
  • Instant Messaging

Thanks to the large 4-inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, there's plenty of room for layout customisation on the Galaxy S using Samsung's own TouchWiz user interface software.

Early reviewers of the Samsung Galaxy S were especially impressed with the handset's stunning AMOLED screen, which is regarded by many technology experts to be the only display that can truly match that of the iPhone. This large 4-inch screen is also one of the largest mobile phone displays currently on the market.

The Galaxy S Android phone is quote possibly Samsung's best phone ever, and definitely their best Android handset to date. By combining the very latest Android software and apps along with the best mobile hardware available, Samsung have set the bar high for any future Android phone releases.

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  1. Thompson1 says:

    I finally picked this phone up at the beginning of last month (my G1 contract finally came to an end!) and wow what a huge difference this is to my experiences with the G1.

    I’m an android enthusiast and managed to successfully root my G1 early on, so I’m no stranger to some of the various Android builds/updates, so I kinda knew what to expect in terms of software/UI, the speed of the Galaxy S and the clarity of the screen totally blew me away.

    I’ve owned a fair number of smartphones over the years, but so far the Galaxy S has been the most impressive right out of the box.

    Anyway, I always grumble when I read gushing reviews like this, so let’s take a look at some areas the Galaxy S has taken some criticism.

    No flash. Specifically no flash for the camera. Whilst I would ofcourse preferred to have a functioning flash, I guess it is a bit of trade off in terms of the weight and overall size/thickness of the handset. The camera itself produces some pretty excellent picture quality. I taken a few pics outdoors and was happy with the results, the high def recording is a real treat and I can’t see me going back to standard anytime soon.

    Is the Galaxy S better than the iPhone?, that’s the million dollar question, and one I can’t really answer. But the S is in my opinion the best Android phone rival for the iPhone to date, and has got to be a serious contender for smartphone of the year.

  2. Irene says:

    I am reasonably happy with my phone now except for one thing – the battery goes flat so quickly ! Often in 8 hours without that much use. Also it takes a bit of learning to get used to which things to press !
    I have also had lots of problems with my phone disconnecting from the internet not sure if thats the phone’s fault. Should come with instructions as standard.

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