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Since the success of the Samsung Galaxy S, the Korean tech giant has developed a number of powerful and innovative devices from the Galaxy Tab to the Nexus S. Now with the Samsung Galaxy S II, the manufacturer hopes to create a handset with enough next generation hardware and software to rival a traditional desktop.

Featuring a massive 4.3 inch WVGA display, a stunning 8 MP camera, a 1.2 GHz processor and the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, the Galaxy S II is a beast of smartphone packed into a remarkably sleek chassis.

If there is something to dissuade users, it would be the price. SIM-free, The Galaxy S II will cost consumers in the neighbourhood of £500.

Samsung Galaxy S II Deals

Samsung Galaxy S II Deals & Offers
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Samsung Galaxy S II Deals

A Guide to The Samsung Galaxy S 2

The exterior of the Samsung Galaxy S II is very similar to another popular handset, the iPhone 4. The chrome detailing and rounded edges are somewhat derivative, although the back of the handset features a latticed, textured countenance.

However, despite its aesthetic similarities, the Galaxy S II is thinner than the iPhone 4, and its plastic frame removes much of the weight whilst still maintaining durability. At only 4.1 ounces, the Galaxy S II is lighter than its competitors and still packs twice the hardware.

The display has a moderate resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, with both text and icons produced sharply by its Super AMOLED Plus technology. A wide viewing angle imbues every colour and hue with a spectacular vibrancy regardless of your position.

The Galaxy S II's delayed launch was auspicious given the recent advances in software and hardware. Under the hood, the S II boasts a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, a slight improvement over the original 1 GHz chip planned for the handset. There is no lag when shuffling through apps, playing Flash video, or multi-tasking. Browsers load web pages quickly, and motion control allows users to tilt the phone to zoom in and out as opposed to using fingers. Motion control can also be utilised for shuffling through home screens.

If there is a drawback, it's that the motion control may be too sensitive, causing unnecessary zooming or shuffling at the slightest twitch. For all its power, battery consumption is tolerable, its 1650 mAh Lithium Ion battery slightly more powerful than the standard 1500 mAh, yet still lithe enough to keep the Galaxy S II from burdening your palm.

The Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread software has been overlaid with Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 interface. Samsung specific software such as the Task Manager allows you to quickly shut down applications to conserve battery life. Polaris Office provides a platform to edit Microsoft Office documents. Samsung Hub apps help organise social networking, gaming, and music into easy to navigate centres. Kies Air helps identify Wi-Fi signals and synchronises the Galaxy S II with other wireless devices.

The Galaxy S II is loaded with an 8 MP camera that is capable of high resolution photographs and full 1080p video. Playback is sharp and crisp, and overall the handset functions as a serviceable camera, albeit still not on par with your average digital snapper.

Features and Specifications

  • Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread with TouchWiz UI 4.0
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 SoC processor
  • ARM Mali-400 MP or GeForce ULP GPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB flash memory with up to 32 GB microSD expansion
  • 1650 mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • Dimensions: 5 × 2.6 × 0.33 inches
  • Weight: 4.1 oz
  • 8 megapixel camera with Auto-focus and 1080p video recording
  • 800 × 480 pixel WVGA Super AMOLED Plus (218 ppi)

In the age of slimmer, faster, and greener, the Samsung Galaxy S II is almost a true next generation smartphone. It combines blazing speed with a brilliant display and an astonishingly lightweight frame, although its plastic chassis is derived from oil. The power of its tech make it ideal for snapping pictures, browsing the web, playing games, or listening to music.

Although some consumers prefer a naked installation of Android, Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0 software provides useful apps that enhance the overall experience, integrating and organising various themes into easy to use portals. With hefty specs and a hefty price tag, Samsung hopes the Galaxy S II will attract high end users looking for handset capable of being an all in one machine.

Samsung Galaxy S II Deals

Samsung Galaxy S II Deals & Offers
Compare the latest Samsung Galaxy S II deals!

Samsung Galaxy S II Deals

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  1. roy says:

    Fantastic i cannot belive how fast this phone is its faster than my laptop it is a bit costly but you get what you pay for it does everything it says on the box and more thank you samsung

  2. TUnit says:

    It’s a great phone. The power is amazing. The experience is pretty seamless. The phone design is very clean with a single traditional button and two touchscreen buttons. When I found out it was a plastic phone case I was a little worried but it seems very sturdy and the texture on the back keeps your fingers from getting too warm when it’s working hard. The screen is excellent; responsive, apparently oleophobic and very tough and scratch resistant. On the home screen the choice of widgets are good (better than I’ve seen on other phones) and no space is wasted like on other phones so you can pack it if you’d like. The active application widget is very useful for easily keeping an eye on and killing applications. The built in stolen phone recovery feature is nice and the speech recognition is *usually* pretty successful. The hubs are completely useless (in my opinion) as they collect together things that can be accessed elsewhere. Battery life is surprisingly good. Two days of “normal use” i.e. the odd texts, calls and browsing is definitely possible. The camera is also good quality and with a large selection of options on the default app for those more advanced camera user.
    The only real gripe I’ve got is that I haven’t found a way to organise the app menu alphabetically.

  3. Rich - Southampton says:

    Excellent Phone

  4. royal says:

    Its a best smartphone i have ever used but its battery b.ack up is nt up to expectations.

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