Paid Android Applications Hitting The UK Market Tomorrow

Earlier this morning T-Mobile held a dedicated Android event in London to discuss Android's impact on the mobile industry in the UK and it's achievements with T-Mobile.

During the talk T-Mobile UK's head of internet and entertainment, Richard Warmsley revealed that paid applications will be available in the UK Android Market from tomorrow.

"From tomorrow, UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there'll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market"

Other than the Android Market announcement, little else was shared during the event. T-Mobile UK didn't reveal any specific information on future handsets other than to say that,  "We're looking at what comes next for T-Mobile with Android," he says. "We're certainly not in the range of having a tight number of exclusive devices and locking everything else out. We want a range."

In regards to G1 sales, Warmsley noted that at present the T-Mobile G1 is accounting for some 20% of all T-Mobile UK's handset sales and is hitting 70 per cent of the iPhone sales in the UK.


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